CC0 Game Assets

All the images, sound effects, and images from the games we created.
All the content was made by Danny Van Stemp and Allan Legemaate, feel free to use it however you want.
If you do use this or sell this, we would really appreciate it if you mentioned us in the credits.
We hope you find this useful, and happy game developing!

Got any questions or comments? Shoot us an email at

August 27, 2014: Mini Jim assets are up!

New 64x64 tiles and characters are here!

sample of new images

July 10,2014: New assets are up!

100+ tiles, a dozen new sound effects, and a new game assets added, plus a bunch more images!

sample of new images

Asset Links


A link to the images folder
A page with all the images


A page with all the SFX
A link Allan Legemaate's freesound account
A link Danny Van Stemp's freesound account

A link to the SFX folder

Images and SFX .zip

A .zip file with all SFX and images (6mb)


Some music on Allan's soundcloud page is CC0!